Merge a Pull Request

How to process a pending pull request.

Integrate Code from Pull Request

Select Pull Request

Go to the Pull Request tab in the Github repo

Review the PRs

PR Tab

Merge using Github Desktop

Checkout the master branch

Start on master

Merge in code from the test branch

Merge in test branch

Read Pending Pull Request

Checkout from PR

Get code from Same Repo

If the commit being merged is within the same repo then a simple command will get the code.

git checkout pull-request-SHA1  # PR Commit

Get code from Forked Repo

If you have write permission to the code then there is a button that shows you the shell commands needed.

You can find the commands to checkout people’s code for testing by clicking “command line instructions” next to the Merge Pull request button.

Create a PR Branch

Create a new branch in Schematize (or other repo). Each PR can get its own branch so that we can see them later.

git checkout -b pr-49 master

This command creates a new branch called pr-49 that is build from the current head of master.

Get the code from the desired branch. Git pull does a fetch of the desired repo and merges the desired commit into the new branch.

git pull e799c5ca667cdbd4dbe8db973b81fc8cae7b55ca

git pull[REPO] [COMMIT]  # General Syntax

Test the Code

Feedback to Developer

Merge of Pull Request

File Issues