Project Documents

Get Involved

Getting Started

Join our Slack Channel - #Pangenome_Browser.
The hackathon is a great way to get started. We’ll be doing a “pregame” for people who have available time and want to begin making a difference today.

You can get started Setting Up Tools for communication and development.

Your efforts are greatly appreciated and may save many lives.

Basic Development Tasks

Skills Needed

Anyone with these skills would be tremendously valuable to this project. Along these lines, the hackathon and the organization is very open to all contributions. There are a lot of tasks involved in managing a software development project.

Call to Action

  1. Join Slack #pangenome_browser and say hi.
  2. Email to express interest and ask questions.
  3. You’ll be assigned a Pantograph Issue that fits your skills
  4. Ask in Slack #pangenome_browser if you need clarification.
  5. Submit a Pull Request once you’ve written the code.

Expectations for Hackathon

The hackathon is a great way to get started with minimal commitment. Team leaders will help focus the development to ensure your success.

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